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We build your sandwich your way

Awesome prices!

  • Rolls start at $5
  • Grinders start at $8

The best ingredients:

  • The finest Boars Meats, Cheeses and fresh ingredients.
  • Awesome sides!

Featuring Boars Head Meats, Cheeses and our own delicious home-made specialties. All of these items are also available with per pound pricing.

Deli Menu
Ovengold Turkey Breast
Mesquite Smoked Turkey Breast
Honey Maple Turkey Breast
Lower Sodium Turkey Breast
Pepper Mill Turkey Breast
Store Made Turkey Breast
Branded Deluxe Ham
Branded Lower Sodium Ham
Maple Glazed Honey Ham
Virginia Brand Ham
Bold Chipotle Chicken
Golden Classic Chicken
Blazing Buffalo Chicken
EverRoast Chicken
Pork & Beef
Store Made Roast Beef
Imported Mortadella
Dilussio Genoa Salami
Hard Salami
Sandwich Style Pepperoni
Bologna (Pork & Beef)
33% Lower Sodium Bologna
Store Made Chicken Cutlets
Store Made Fried Eggplant
Store Made Meat Meatballs
Store Made Turkey Meatballs
Store Made Chicken Meatballs
Store Made Tuna Salad
Store Made Chicken Salad
Store Made Potato Salad
Store Made Macaroni Salad
Store Made Cole Slaw
Store Made Curry Chicken Salad
Store Made Lower Sodium Chicken Salad
Slicing Sopressata (Hot or Sweet)
Italian Capocollo (Hot or Sweet)
Imported Pancetta
Prosciutto Di Parma
Slicing Dry Sausage
Slicing Dry Sopressata
Whole Dry Sausage
Whole Dry Sopressata
Mild Cheeses
Sharp Provolone Cheese
Mild Provolone Cheese
Jarlsberg Cheese
Lite Jarlsberg Cheese
Pepper Jack Cheese
Slicing Mozzarella Cheese
Fresh Mozzarella Cheese
Land O’Lakes American
Muenster Cheese
Hard Cheeses
Imported Swiss Cheese
Alpine Lace Swiss Cheese
Baby Swiss Cheese
Lacey Swiss Cheese
Cheddar Cheese Yellow
Cheddar Cheese White
Smoked Gruyere Cheese